Curator: Cory Weeks


Artlink A. E. England Gallery: Aug 4- Aug 28, 2011

Opening Reception: Friday Aug 5th, 6-10 PM
Closing Reception: Friday Aug 19th, 6-9 PM

The A.E. England Gallery presents Sean Deckert: Sim·u·la·crum an exhibition of 20 photographic prints. The images include projections of “people onto people” which ultimately “blurs the portrait into a singular simulated portrait.” as described by the artist Sean Deckert. A full description by the artist can be found below.

1. An image or representation of someone or something.
2. An unsatisfactory imitation or substitute.
Projecting people onto people creates a primary and secondary identity in the image, which ultimately blurs the portrait into a singular simulated portrait. The projections and the subjects are individually relevant in the changing level of social awareness that the population is experiencing as a result of television programming. The portraits being projected can be viewed as iconic representations that have significant relevance to definitive ideas and values existent in society. The people being projected onto are members of different social circles with a dynamic range in ethnicity, and roughly the same age. This narrative is a test of the viewers heightened sensitivity to the complex layers that manifest the realities threatening our simulated comfort caused by a lack of involvement in current issues facing human population.” – Sean Deckert

The Artlink A. E. England Gallery is located in the historical A. E. England Building within the Civic Space Park and is a non-profit exhibition space.