Gallery Director: Cory Weeks
Curator: Daniel Funkhouser




Artlink A. E. England Gallery: May 1- May 28, 2011

Opening Reception: Friday May 6th, 6-10 PM
Closing Reception: Friday May 20th, 6-9 PM

The A.E. England Gallery presents Schrödinger’s Menagerie – an exhibition of dualities, alter egos, and transformed selves curated by Daniel Funkhouser. Featuring artists working in a diverse range of media, this exhibition celebrates multiple, often contradictory, approaches to identity. By taking on parallel lives, re-evaluating sexuality and gender, blurring conventions and distinctions, and challenging traditional definitions of media and art, these works are unified by their embrace of fluid forms of representation.

Featuring work by: Leo Ayres, Logan Bellew, Daniel Funkhouser, Andrew Hadle, Chikara Kakizawa, Aimee León, Ron E. Lyons, Kyl AM, Ryan Peter Miller, Karla Uribe, Ingrid V. Wells, and Angela Young

Featured Artwork in Photo: White Columns, 20” x 40”, Found objects, wood, foam, and paint. © Andrew Hadle